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Doctors In-Office Availablity

Important Notice:
The office will have limited allergy shot hours over the next 2 weeks. Allergy shots will only be available on Saturday May 11. Regular shot hours will resume on Wednesday May 23, 2024.
I have added weekday shot hours for the convenience of my patients.  My telemedicine visits are working out well, and I am able to answer most of the needs of my new and returning patients. I plan to continue seeing patients in the office on a limited basis.  If at the telemedicine visit it seems that an in person visit is necessary, we may schedule an "in office" appointment at that time.  

Open for allergy injections:

Shot hours

Wednesdays 1:30pm - 6pm
Fridays  8am - 12:30pm
Saturdays 9am - 12pm
Please wear a mask and practice social distancing in the office.  Please do not come to the office if you have been exposed to the corona virus or if you have a fever or cough.
Thank you for protecting the health of yourself and your community.
Marion Johnson, MD
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